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AY:A2 Apprenticeship

Thank you, AY:A2 students, for your support of the apprentices I’m training. Your generosity of spirit affects them in very good ways. Because several of you have said you’d like to hear about what I’m up to with this apprenticeship stuff, and because I want you to feel that you’re part of this, I’m going […]

How to practice when hell’s freezing over

Yesterday, a wave of sadness crushed me to the rocky ocean floor and held me under for an hour. You can read my personal thoughts about that, or just jump to the numbered list below for the practical stuff. I came in from an appointment, closed the curtains, sat on the sofa and cried. When […]

Yoga 3.0. A retreat for an accelerated culture.

WHEN.  January 13, 2013. 10-4. (Mysore practice 8-9:30.) WHERE. The Stone Arch, a decommissioned church in downtown Saline. (Pictured above.) WHO. Open now to all regular Mysore practitioners at AY:A2. Please join us! Retreat opens Dec 15 to anyone I know with a daily practice in the yoga tradition: drop a line now if you’re […]

How to get up for yoga, again.

I’m unconsciously competent. The longer I practice, the less I can articulate how to begin. So I must keep learning from those who are new to ashtanga. Thank you for being open about what’s hard, brave in dropping old habits, and enthusiastic in your own practice. I love this phase of the learning. At the […]

Guest Teacher, Dominic Corigliano

Dominic Corigliano is my teaching mentor. He will guest teach Sunday, October 21 – Thursday, October 25, during the waxing moon. Dominic is coming because he mentioned offhand that he could swing through Ann Arbor, and I took that seriously. I’d like him to see the house that he helped build here. And I’d like […]

House Recommendations

Here are a few more out-takes from the House Recommendations. The full document is available to regular Mysore students here upon request. The House Recommendations are just some suggestions for mental hygiene, efficient learning, and honest practice. They are crafted for ashtangis in their first five years on the mat. If your mind feels closed […]

Jayashree and Narasimhan to Visit Ann Arbor

Monday, Nov 12. 5:30 – 8:00pm. Chanting the Samadhi Pada; focus on sutras 1-15. Introductory Lecture on Yoga Philosophy. Tuesday, Nov 13. 5:30 – 8:00pm. Chanting and Lecture on Ashtanga, the Eight (ashtau) Limbs (anga) of Yoga Location: Main Hall at the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting House. Cost: $40 per night, or $75 for both nights. […]

How Jedi Knights Should Eat

AY:A2 begins our second year of daily practice. A few of you are starting to show signs of increased concentration and willpower. I didn’t expect that to happen so fast. Daily practitioners do develop slightly freakish will power. But a strong will can make you stupid. In this practice, your will is only as good […]

Vroom Vroom

Hello from Gokulam. We are in the days of Shiva here – time to hail the energy of destruction, transcendence, and the crumbling of of old sides of ourselves. Yesterday a mentor who is also a priest (priests being about as common in these parts as your neighborhood notary public) gathered together a roomful of […]

Discipline, Affirmation, Emotion

At the Mental Hygiene workshop back in November, Gurjt, Dawn and Yvonne offered a series of intriguing questions about working with emotion. In sum: given (1) the limitations that go with having a physical body, and given (2) the raw truth of mental/ physical/ emotional/ samskaric pain that yoga makes us look at… well, then […]